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c r  as h  d  e p    t

Ever since I saw the lights / Of a million shades of whites / Of this city's volant paths / When screens had separated us / I had visions / Obsessive impulse over time / Oscillating through my mind / Operated from outside / Every time I'm on the wire / I had visions / Angels in monochrome / Hidden behind distorted lines / The overclocked divine.

I am here on the top of the world / Watching the city lights outshine the sun / Neon glow eats up my eyes and the specters / And the specters are teasing my mind / I hold your hand to feel the warmth / Cold plastic burns my palms / I want a real dream to come / I disconnect / There is nothing outside / Please stay / Don't disappear / I want to see your shining eyes / Behind the shell of chrome / I want a real dream to come.

Your green-red hair won't make me laugh anymore / Your outright clothes don't make you look like a whore / The sound of your voice / Distorts and crushes everything around / I have no other choice but to dance / Your sweet bass drum makes me bounce / Now you're blurring before my eyes / As cigarette smoke fills up my lungs / This stuff carries away harder than I realized / I feel I'm really cyberdrunk.

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